Normal service has resumed once more

Test Card

I was made aware of an issue with this site yesterday afternoon.

It appears a problem with a WordPress plugin meant that if you went to the main page of this blog (i.e. the most recent posting you saw was dated June 2nd of this year.

If, however, you were logged into the site, as I usually am, you saw all the posts, as normal. Even the ones posted after June 2nd, so I was unaware of any issue with the site.

When I was made aware of the problem, I mentioned it on Twitter and my good friend Abesh Bhattacharjee chimed in with the likely cause of the problem.

Abesh correctly identified the plugin which was causing the issue, I deleted it and now normal service has resumed once more.

Apologies for any apparent break in transmission and thanks for bearing with me.

Photo credit tm-tm