GreenMonk is a new line of business for RedMonk, the first open source analyst company. Content wants to be free, so ours mostly is. GreenMonk offers advisory services to help a range of organisations better understand how sustainability issues will affect them. GreenMonk will focus on energy demand management (working on the demand side of the equation using sophisticated IT marshaling techniques), Publish and subscribe power networks, and social change through social media for better environmental outcomes. We want to help vendors market more effectively, enterprises to save money and build better alignment between management, business and staff, and individuals to feel they can make a contribution to the huge challenges we all face.

As Marks and Spencer says: This is Plan A, Because there is No Plan B.

I am James Governor, co-founder of RedMonk, the first open source analyst company. I have worked with the biggest companies in the world , names Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, and Sun, helping them to understand how the world is changing and how they should respond. From marketing advisory to community and product development consulting. RedMonk has an enviable track record of calling trends early – and I plan to continue that with GreenMonk. My background in research and journalism.

I live and work in London with my wife and son. I travel too much. I could live in a mud hut and only eat raw vegetables and still have a huge carbon footprint.

I really like this picture of me taken by Matt Jones.

And my name is Tom Raftery. I am a communicator, blogger, podcaster and social media consultant.
More recently I co-founded and am a director of Cork Internet eXchange – a hyper energy-efficient data center. And now I am ready for the next challenge, working as an industry analyst to build out GreenMonk as a research and advisory business.

Tom Raftery speaking