Introducing the GreenMonk Technology for Good Hangout

For the last few weeks I have been producing a Hangout on Air which I’m calling Technology for Good. I produce the show live on Friday’s at 2pm CET and it is recorded, and automatically published on Youtube subsequently.

The show discusses news stories from the previous seven days, focusing specifically on pieces where technology works to benefit people’s lives. Those benefits can be in any number of areas. Last week, for example I discussed the latest related news under the headings of Microsoft (Microsoft had quite a bit of news to announce last week, hence it was given a heading of its own), Electric Vehicles, the Internet of Things, Big Data and Privacy, and I had a Miscellaneous heading at the end for any stories which didn’t fit in the previous categories, but still were interesting enough to be featured.

I’ll be producing this show every week, so feel free to look in on it, and to join in the discussions while the show is happening. Also, if you are aware of any news you think I should be featuring on the show, do ping me (@tomraftery on Twitter, or tom at for good old fashioned email). Also, I’ll have guests to co-host the show and interview, so if you think you’d like to be on the show, or if you know someone else that you think would be really good, do let me know.

If you can’t make it while the show is on, you can always catch up with it subsequently on my YouTube Channel

Here are the stories which made the cut for last week’s show:

Your Warming world

Microsoft reveals its server designs and releases open source code

A Major Step Forward: Combining the Fuel Cell and the Server

Introducing Microsoft’s new CEO: Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella: His first interview as CEO of Microsoft

Electric Vehicles
Father-daughter duo finish first Tesla Model S coast-to-coast drive in less than a week

Cross Country Rally: Across the Finish Line

Internet of Things
How to Be 100x More Productive: The 35 Best IFTTT Recipes

Internet of Things – Big List of Companies, Products, Devices and Software by Sector

Apple Executives Met With F.D.A. to Discuss Mobile Medical Applications

Enabling Things to Talk

Big Data and Privacy
Alessandro Acquisti: Why privacy matters

Refresh unveils Google Glass app that presents ‘instant dossiers’ on people you meet

New York Police Department is beta-testing Google Glass

Cryptography Breakthrough Could Make Software Unhackable

Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Yahoo release US surveillance requests

Introducing Twitter Data Grants

HEATWORKS MODEL 1: Your next water heater!

Graphene circuit’s wireless promise

Apple and Microsoft join US carriers in $750 million commitment to education

Price Of Solar Much Lower Than Solar Savings