Cleanweb London’s upcoming lightening talk event

Cleanweb London

I was contacted by good friend Chris Adams the other day to help publicise the next London Cleanweb event taking place on Monday Feb 25th next (2013).

It occurred to me to not only mention it on Twitter, as Chris had requested, but because the half-life of Tweets is getting shorter and shorter, it might be an idea to write about the event here, where the post will last longer (and hopefully generate more eyeballs for Chris).

Then, thinking about it a little longer, I realised it would be a good idea if I made this a more common practice – to promote cleantech/sustainability related events here.

So I have created an Events category on this blog where I will list Cleantech/Sustainability related events that I am aware of. Obviously I reserve the right not to list an event if I don’t feel it is deserving, but in general I will list.

So, back to the upcoming London Cleanweb event – it will be a talk on sustainable cities, followed by Lightning Talks and on afterwards to Brewdog for some fantastic beers!

Check out all the details of the event on and head along, if you can at all, you won’t regret it. And if you can’t make it along, the event will be ivestreamed, so definitely check it out.

By the way, the venue is laying on free pizza and beers!!! They won’t be Livestreamed 😉 so you’ll need to head along for those.