SAP’s sustainability customers are talking up SAP!

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When I interviewed SAP’s Jeremiah Stone last May about SAP’s Sustainability story at SapphireNow, he mentioned that SAP was committed to an increasing focus on sustainability customer success stories

I?m excited to hear less about SAP being sustainable in our vision and a lot more about SAP?s customers embedding our technology to have more sustainable business and more sustainable products of their own.

At SapphireNow, according to Jeremiah, around 80% of the Sustainability events were customer-led.

SAP seems to have continued that momentum, having recently published a series of videos of customers talking to SAP about how SAP’s sustainability solutions boosted their Sustainability programs. There are interviews with Lexmark, CSC, Dow, Air Products, amongst others.

It is one thing to be reporting on your own sustainability initiatives, as SAP do in their online Sustainability Report, but quite another when you can roll out customers who are willing to go on record saying your products helped them become more sustainable. That definitely helps take the credibility up a notch.

Now, imagine if you could quantify the sustainability savings your customers have achieved as a result of deploying your software…

Photo credit skpy