What If We Create a Better World For Nothing?

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One of my goals in 2010 is to help move the sustainability debate beyond Global Warming. Global Warming or Climate Change is still arguable – while other environmental impacts and issues are not. Its surely time for sustainability advocates to reframe our narrative – and get beyond the Global Warming debate. We might as well try and convince evangelicals of evolution… instead we need to start focusing on immediate and real issues- such as a lack of potable water in many geographies. Energy independence is perhaps the best argument for renewal energy. People are generally more worried about national security than the potentials threats of global warming.

Of course some really major climate events may change the game, but for now, we should focus on the changes we can make in terms of business, culture and politics. You can understand why I love this cartoon from USA Today, which sums my thoughts up beautifully.


  1. says

    Tom great post, I love that cartoon great find. I recently had someone give me a lecture over lunch about global warming and the dangers. I listened and asked them the following simple question. ‘Have you insulated your attic…?’

  2. David Morgan says

    Wise words about moving the argument on to sustainability.
    By the way the majority of us evangelicals DO believe in evolution – particularly in the world outside the USA!!

  3. dodgy geezer says

    Umm… out of the eight points that are seen as unambiguously ushering in a better world, I only agree with three.

    Furthermore, I am not at all sure that the proposals to achieve these goals would, in fact, achieve them.

    And I am sure that the proposals will cost a lot of money and lead to a lowered standard of living.

    That’s what I think the Big Hoax is….

  4. Paulus de B. says

    Be very careful what you wish for with moving beyond global warming to ‘sustainable development’. Read ‘Agenda 21’ of the UN to see what it is all about: nope, not about ‘the planet’ but who controls it. You should be very afraid of this agenda.

    • Givemoredata says

      I skimmed Agenda 21, and I do not see a pure control issue like you said (rather a lot about resource management), but we are humans, and we always exploit weaker humans and especially the environment. Why don’t you post a link to an explanation of your position more than an insinuation emoting fear.


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