Nice Dutch project using ‘waste’ heat and CO2 to increase greenhouse yields!


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Came across a great story on pressreleasefinder today via Twitter about a project in the Netherlands called WarmCO2.

What is WarmCO2?

It is a project which takes residual heat and CO2 from Dutch fertiliser manufacturer Yara and using infrastructure supplied by partner company Visser & Smit Hanab, pipes them to vegetable growers in the nearby Terneuzen commercial greenhouse project.

From the release:

WarmCO2 will be redistributing up to 84MW of residual heat and 70,000 tons of purified CO2 per year. The CO2 is used by growers to enrich the greenhouse atmosphere and encourage crop growth. Normally they would use a natural gas fired boiler to produce both CO2 and heat throughout the growing season, or a combined heat and power installation that supplies heat, CO2 and electricity, which is then fed back to the national grid.

As a result of the Terneuzen greenhouse project the redistribution of heat and CO2 from Yara via WarmCO2 will save some 52 million m3 of natural gas, which translates into a 90% reduction in fossil fuel consumption. This makes Terneuzen one of the most sustainable commercial greenhouse developments in the Netherlands.

This is being made possible by the “Green Projects” initiative of the Dutch ministries of Health & Environment, Agriculture and Treasury. This initiative offers fiscal benefits to ‘green’ investors and savers, which in turn allows banks to offer financial loans at lower interest rates. Under the Green Projects initiative a maximum of € 25 million can be made available per project.

ABN AMRO are the banking partner in this project and they stumped up the maximum €25 million (out of a total investment of €80 million in the project).


  1. says

    puts me in mind of my Business To (Carbon) Consumer post…

    “The real insight therefore is that Business To Consumer might have an entirely different meaning this century. Businesses need to create closed loops systems with plants, the only reliable carbon consumers. Of course such an idea might sound bonkers – but why shouldn’t a polluter directly pay to halt deforestation in, say, Brazil? Lets save the planet’s lungs while we still can, before the only carbon consumers we can use are ugly crop-based monocultures.”

  2. Clogmeister says

    The residual heat has to be cooled down by the greenhouses to an exact temperature (I thought 43C) which is laid down in a contract with Yara. If cooling down to that exact temperature is impossible then the whole heat exchange system gets decoupled and the heat will destroyed (i.e. not used for heating). Yara cannot afford a complete system shutdown because of high temperature return water. Greenhouse automation company Priva will provide the special software for most of the growers (disclaimer: I worked for Priva as a software engineer).

  3. Nizar Azzam says

    I am an entrepreneur from the sates who relocated to Egypt for special agricultural projects. I was informed that there are special Green House projects from the Netherlands where they would help supply all the required equipment to be installed in Egypt where there is a cheap supply of land, workforce and sun. And part of this, some of the produced products will be exported back to the Netherlands.
    If you have any information regarding this, or know anyone that would be interested in such a project please feel free to contact me at [email protected].
    And many thanks in advance.

  4. zaman khan says

    we are looking for engenand genrator for green house to prodused hot water, co2and electricity. some people use waukesha gresse for this purpus in netherland,
    you have any idia