Hara Software’s Amit Chatterjee

Hara Software, a software company with the tagline Know your impact. Change the World, launched their Environmental and Energy Management (EEM) solution at the start of this month. The Hara EEM is a software as a service solution which enables organizations to monitor and manage their natural resource consumption and environmental impact.

According to the release Hara counts amongst its customers the Coca Cola company and the City of Palo Alto – not a bad start! For a more in-depth look at Hara, see Martin La Monica’s review.

Having heard a lot about I was anxious to have a conversation with Hara’s CEO, Amit Chatterjee to learn more about them and he didn’t disappoint.


  1. says

    I agree with Amit’s ‘carbon diet’ analogy as it highlights the need for organization to move to a state of ‘carbon heath’. Achieving true carbon health requires a comprehensive strategy focused on the operational and resource efficiency of an organization. Organizations focused on sustainability must move beyond the environmental reporting to evaluate operational changes and investment opportunities that reduce their environmental impact.

    Organizations need software that moves beyond carbon accounting to deliver management and reduction components. The software should weigh an organization’s environmental impacts to identify underperforming facilities, processes and assets, analyzes the financial and environmental benefits of capital investments to develop the ideal diet and automate preventive maintenance activities to keep critical equipment operating at peak resource efficiency.

    For the sake of transparency, I work for a company that has this kind of software, and I’m happy to discuss the topic with anyone who’s interested. Feel free to reach out.

  2. Michele Ynosencio says

    Did you ever get an answer…Is Hara being publicly traded???!!!! Sounds like a winning company!!