New look!

I saw a post by Matt Mullenweg of Automattic talking up a new WordPress theme called P2. Play the short video above to learn more about it.

Its main advantages are that it promotes more easy dialog on the site. I figured this has to be a good thing, so I’m rolling it out here.

Please, let me know what you think in the comments (seeing as commenting has now become that much easier!).


  1. says

    Love the new layout. Can’t say the same for the GreenMonk header (the colours just aren’t doing it for me!!). Nce theme, though!

  2. Marilyn Pratt says

    Thanks for sharing P2 and broadcasting this useful theme that promotes dialog. One small problem, in the IE browser the reply buttons are skewed and the Hide threads | Keyboard Shortcuts links get pushed over to overlay the about text in the upper right corner. Let me know if you want a screen shot of that distortion. It seems to work fine in Firefox though