Monitors on the TransEurasia Express!

Fujitsu Siemens Computers announced recently that it was shipping 10,000 monitors and bare bones system chassis from China to Germany by train!

I thought this was simply a pr stunt to get some headlines until I read that transporting the goods by train is one-third faster than ocean freight, costs only one-quarter as much as air freight and yet produces less than 5% of the CO2 emissions of air freight!

Intrigued I invited Fujitsu Siemens senior director of global logistics, Hans Erbe to come on GreenMonk TV to discuss the shipment and to give us some hard numbers around money and CO2 saved!

You can foillow the progress of the shipment on the train’s blog at

I should also apologise for the quality of the audio in the podcast. We were connected via Skype and despite connecting several times, this was the best audio we could get 🙁

The television image in the video is from videocrab


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    Hi, I´m a colleague of Hans and I think this project is very valueable, because it also has an impact on further development of mass-transport along the railway instead of yet another tanker. I would expect that by investing into rail-transport, in the end this transportation service will get better and probably also cheaper for the residents in Asia. Every new car not bought is a good step forward the global goal.

    Rock on, Hommel