Clear Climate Code project needs your help

Climate record
Photo Credit vodstrup

I came across the Clear Climat Code project via a message from Sig.

Like all good ideas, this one is very simple –

The Clear Climate Code project writes and maintains software for climate modelling and analysis, with an emphasis on clarity and correctness.

The results of some climate-related software are used as the basis for important public policy decisions. If the software is not clearly correct, decision-making will be obscured by debates about it. The project goals are to clear away that obscurity, to increase the clarity and correctness of climate science software.

Ticks two of my favourite boxes straight away – open source and the climate!

The guys in Ravenbrook, who are coordinating this project took this task on themselves and they have decided to seek a little outside help in the process.

If you can program in Python and would like to help out, you can get in touch with Ravenbrook by email here


  1. says

    What if the software shows that without positive feedback, the climate will only warm another 1/2 degree beyond the 1/2 degree it’s already warmed this past century? Will the project quietly be abandoned because it doesn’t feed the hysteria?

    I mean, if you want to get hysterical about positive feedback, why not worry that your car’s steering feedback will suddenly turn positive and as you’re driving down the road, the slightest twitch will feedback until your steering locks to one side. Ridiculous? So is the idea that our climate has hidden positive feedback modalities. Surely over the last million years they would have shown up already.

    Yeah, the globe is warming, just like it has for the past 60,000 year, and then it cools off again, every 1500+-500 years. And when it’s warm, man does amazing things, like the Parthenon and the Coliseum and the European Cathedrals. Fear not warm. Fear cold.