Crucial Memory: Best Green Pitch Ever?

I came across an ad today that seemed so outrageous, so very very very wrong, that I just had to click on it. Green memory? Never heard of it, I thought. Pure spin. But when I followed the link to Crucial Memory I had to smile. You see the argument is really simple – don’t buy a new PC, but buy more memory for your existing machine instead.

And, you’ll help eliminate the need to dispose of your old system — something that’s great for the environment. Approximately 70% of heavy metals (including lead and mercury), in landfill sites come from e-waste. That’s reason enough to hold on to your system.

Well said. It would be hypocritical, and overly curmudgeonly, not to applaud the spin, given the fact Greenmonk has written about why you shouldn’t always upgrade just for the flash new thing, the latest Apple or whatever.

There is also a deeper truth at work here. Memory invariably is the bottleneck on a Windows PC. Very often the best way to improve the performance of Windows XP is more RAM. If you buy a new machine however, Vista will likely run just like your old machine did (with a slicker interface its true). New PC- same speed, old PC-upgraded more speed. So for speed and sustainability go buy some RAM. Its like darning socks. Crucial may be greenwashing, but its greenwashing containing an important truth.