Celebrity Gossip for Greener Outcomes: outstanding

I got a tweetback today from @michaeldestries so I went to check out who he is. It turns out a green enterpreneur and consultant. So far so good. So what’s the ecorazzi thing then, I wondered? When I got to the site I was floored. Its basically a perfectly executed celebrity gossip site – but bright green. Lots of humour. Nice photoshop montage of Paris Hilton in an ice-cube (she wants to be cryogenically frozen with her dog. It can’t happen soon enough if you ask me.)

I think most people would rather hear from an ecorazzi than an eco-nazi.

The team is pretty big – which helps explain how they pump out so many stories, with such a slick editorial look. You guys are my new heroes. Its like Go Fug Yourself wearing green. Making green sexy- and nothing sells better than sex. Maybe green really is the new black…

Thanks Sophie Monk and PETA for the image above. That’s a chili shot.

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