Energy and Sustainability show for March 1st

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We had a great Energy and Sustainability show today – in case you were unable to make it, I recorded the video (above) and the chatstream (below):

16 : 27 MikeTheBee :
Hello Tom, It would be handy to have a date in the video to distinguish the ep being replayed. Leo Laporte on just has a Calender/Clock on a shelf behind him, it works well.
16?:?27 MikeTheBee :
Maybe up on the filing cabinet?
16?:?28 Tom Raftery :
Cool idea
16?:?28 MikeTheBee :
Just a though
Hello Video/Audio oK
Good stuff
less than 30 slides now?
16?:?33 Tom Raftery :
16?:?36 MikeTheBee :
It is the Climate fundamentalists on the other side. Aimed at confusing the middle-ground
16?:?36 Tom Raftery :
16?:?37 MikeTheBee :
The article requested is not available.
AFP seem to have taken that one down
16?:?38 Tom Raftery :
It has been the economic heartbeat of the world’s fourth most populous country for almost 500 years, but Jakarta’s days as Indonesia’s capital could be numbered
Indonesia mulls new capital as Jakarta sinks
16?:?39 MikeTheBee :
16?:?40 Tom Raftery :
16?:?44 MikeTheBee :
Tells us a lot about sea currents
16?:?46 Tom Raftery :
16?:?51 MikeTheBee :
The fanboys said it was not Apples problem.
16?:?52 Tom Raftery :

16?:?52 marilynpratt :
Apple having a bad week as its shareholders say no to environmental measures:
16?:?53 MikeTheBee :
Tom, most of these links are not coming though in a clickable format. The Apple one did though.
16?:?54 Tom Raftery :
16?:?56 marilynpratt :
@MikeTheBee maybe if you repost them with a copy and paste they will be clickable. I’ll try:
16?:?57 MikeTheBee :
We could do with that info in a more visual form.
16?:?57 Tom Raftery :
16?:?59 MikeTheBee :
@marilynpratt : I can see those, strange, is it me or Zoho chat?
17?:?00 marilynpratt :
@mikethebee same problem
need to run thanks
17?:?01 Tom Raftery :
17?:?02 MikeTheBee :
HP argue that they must be ‘remade’ for quality
17?:?03 Tom Raftery :
17?:?09 MikeTheBee :
I built a heilostat in the garden using old cd’s
The real issue on inkjet carts is the price, if we could return them and buy new ones they would be like milkbottles.
UK councils to stop collection of recycling to save budget
Coffee bean production starts in the UK and Ireland, joining the vineyards established in 2009. (newsflash from 2013)
Well done Tom gr8 show.
@marilynpratt Thx for reposting, it is not a problem for me to cut&paste, but I wondered why Tom’s links didn’t work like your this week.
17?:?11 Tom Raftery :
Thanks Mike and everyone for all your comments, interest and enthusiasm


I wrote a post back in January wondering…

I wrote a post back in January wondering if inkjet printer manufacturers would ever ship inkjet printers with inkwells instead of cartridges but wasn’t very optimistic about it ever coming to pass!

It turns out Xerox are doing just that with their solid ink printers! You buy the blocks of ink (no cartridge), drop them in the ‘well’ where they are liquified and printed from! Brilliant!


Will we ever see inkwells replace inkjet cartridges?

HP inkjet printer cartridge return envelope

Photo credit scoobyfoo

HP’s Ed Gemmell contacted me the other day to let me know that

HP will celebrate first anniversary of ‘closed loop’ manufacturing for inket cartridges at end of Jan

I followed the link to see what HP were doing with their inkjet cartridges and, in fairness to them, they seem to be doing some good stuff!. From their release:

HP today announced it has developed an engineering breakthrough that enables the use of post-consumer recycled plastics in the production of new Original HP inkjet print cartridges.

More than 200 million cartridges have been manufactured using the process thus far. HP used more than 5 million pounds of recycled plastic in its inkjet cartridges last year, and the company is committed to using twice as much in 2008…. In addition to closing the design loop, using recycled content saves energy and keeps plastic out of landfills – since first piloting the process, HP has used enough recycled plastic to fill more than 200 tractor trailers….

“HP’s use of recycled plastic in an application as technically demanding as their inkjet cartridges represents an unprecedented engineering innovation,” said Larry Koester, vice president of Communications, Environmental Division, Society of Plastics Engineers. “This remarkable achievement comes after many years of perseverance and ingenuity by HP and their partners.”

So all very laudable, and recognised as such by the Society of Plastics Engineers, kudos to HP.

However, if HP wanted to be really Green about its inkjet printer cartridges it would make them completely re-usable. I should only have to buy one cartridge ever (or possible one per colour). I should then be able to buy ink refills in fully bio-degradeable packaging to re-fill my cartridge every time it runs out.

This would be a truly Green advancement in inkjet printing and to my knowledge, there is no technical barrier to this happening. Is it likely to happen any time soon? I guess that depends just how serious inkjet manufacturers are about being Green.

In fact, come to think of it, there should be no such thing as inkjet cartridges. If there is only to be one for the lifetime of the printer, it should be embedded, not removable. An inkwell, not a cartridge, into which I pour my refill.