July 27th Greenmonk Energy and Sustainability show

I had a lot of content to get through on the Energy and Sustainability show today (but it was all great stuff!) so I had to go at quite a clip. Above is the video from this week’s show and see the chatstream below:

03:26 Tom Raftery: Hey all, kicking off the show in a couple of minutes
03:30 @jimjar: Hi Tom. Tuning in for the first time.
03:31 Tom Raftery: Quick audio/video check – anyone see/hear me/
03:31 kcorrick: Can hear you and see you.
03:31 @jimjar: No
03:33 @jimjar: You’ve still not come back
03:34 Tom Raftery:
03:35 Tom Raftery:
03:36 @jimjar: Glitch seems to be my end – you’re back
03:37 Tom Raftery:
03:38 Tom Raftery:
03:40 Tom Raftery:
03:42 Tom Raftery:
03:42 Patrick@CorkEnvForum: We have tickets for the BGG – very disappointed about the late announcement. Seems designed to destroy the festival for the future also.
03:44 Tom Raftery:
03:45 Tom Raftery:
03:47 Tom Raftery:
03:48 Tom Raftery:
03:49 Tom Raftery:
03:50 Tom Raftery:
03:51 Tom Raftery:
03:52 Tom Raftery:
03:54 Tom Raftery:
03:55 Tom Raftery:
03:56 Tom Raftery:
03:58 Tom Raftery:
03:59 Tom Raftery:
04:00 Tom Raftery:
04:00 Tom Raftery:
04:02 Tom Raftery:
04:03 @jimjar: Great round-up, Tom, and love the format. Thanks! Will definitely try to tune in again soon.
04:04 Mrinal: Thanks Tom, enjoyed the show as always, enjoy your vacation
04:04 Patrick@CorkEnvForum: Good show – have a good holiday.
04:05 Tom Raftery: Thanks jimjar – glad you enjoyed it!
04:13 cgarvey: Missed the start and the end, but am catching up on the links and will get the recorded version later. Thanks, as always, Tom!
07:13 Tom Raftery: Thanks everyone for taking the time out to watch the show


July 20th GreenMonk Energy and Sustainability show

Here is the chatstream from today’s GreenMonk Energy & Sustainability show:
03:31 Tom Raftery: Audio & video check – can you see/hear me?
03:31 MikeTheBee: Wainting to compare Tom’s resolution 🙂
03:32 SukiFuller: Howdy All.
03:33 CosmoCat: Hi
03:33 SukiFuller: Packing break for you Tom!
03:33 MikeTheBee: Hi Suki, U got a pic of yet?
03:33 Joe Garde: Hi Tom
03:33 Tom Raftery:
03:34 Joe Garde: .tv
03:34 liveireland: ok u have our audience
03:34 MikeTheBee: Ah found TOm back on Ustream
03:35 SukiFuller: @mikethebee pic?
03:35 Tom Raftery:
03:35 MikeTheBee: I was on the Livestream Player form 10mins ago Hah
03:36 MikeTheBee: It didn’t change automaticalyy
03:36 Tom Raftery:
03:39 SukiFuller: I lost the stream.
03:39 MikeTheBee: I’, OK
03:39 Joe Garde: nah its grand
03:40 Tom Raftery:
03:40 MikeTheBee: Fan is quiet now as well. Less carbon 🙂
03:41 Tom Raftery:
03:41 SukiFuller: Hehe – packed box was affecting my router
03:43 Tom Raftery:
03:44 MikeTheBee: @sukifuller Those Chinese again 🙂
03:45 SukiFuller: @mikethebee and I haven’t even gotten there yet!
03:45 Tom Raftery:
03:49 MikeTheBee: Did you get your invite to visit them yet
03:49 Tom Raftery:
03:49 SukiFuller: So would the money made from this be pumped back to African nations?
03:50 Tom Raftery:
03:52 Tom Raftery:
03:52 SukiFuller: Nice to know
03:54 Tom Raftery:
03:55 Joe Garde: and in a cork accent too lol
03:55 Tom Raftery:
03:58 Tom Raftery:
03:58 Tom Raftery:
04:00 Joe Garde: not the leafblower tho…
04:01 Joe Garde: wind up job?
04:01 SukiFuller: For you yanks that would be flashlight.
04:02 Joe Garde: there’s another device out there you can charge your phones too along with torch etc
04:02 Tom Raftery:
04:02 Tom Raftery:
04:03 SukiFuller: @joegarde hmmm, would be a great workout if garden tools worked like that
04:03 Tom Raftery:
04:03 Joe Garde: ah yes!
04:04 Tom Raftery:
04:06 Joe Garde: SukiFuller I’m @onlinemeetings on twitter just followed you
04:06 MikeTheBee: Thx, Tom, I kept loosing you.
04:06 SukiFuller: Excellent stuff as always!
04:06 Joe Garde: thanks again tom… gotta go
04:07 Tom Raftery: Thanks guys for all the contributions, great stuff!
04:07 SukiFuller: @mikiethebee then it might not have been my boxes and router then
04:07 MikeTheBee: Ah, I caught the end that time.
04:08 MikeTheBee: @sukifuller, I think you were just a little ahead of me.
04:08 SukiFuller: @mikethebee well can always listen to the recording…I need to follow you on TV


July 6th Energy and Sustainability show

Yesterday’s GreenMonk Energy and Sustainability show went off without the technical hitches which plagued the previous week’s show. I fixed the chat app and the Google Calendar button so you can now add the show to your calendar (and be notified of any changes to the schedule).

Consequently with the chat app now working in Firefox, there was far greater audience participation in the show – something which was sorely missing from the previous week’s show!

Here is this week’s chatstream:

03:31 Tom Raftery: Hows is the audio, video & chat?
03:31 MikeTheBee: stopped
03:31 MikeTheBee: no audio or vid 4 me
03:32 MikeTheBee: back now
03:32 MikeTheBee: did a refresh
03:33 liveireland: all you need now is greenscreen
03:33 MikeTheBee: lol
03:33 MikeTheBee: oooh
03:34 Tom Raftery:
03:35 Tom Raftery:
03:36 MikeTheBee: google calendar link is now working for me.
03:36 PaulMWatson: I hope that water is sustainable…
03:36 MikeTheBee: that is why they are not really rebuilding then
03:37 monkchips: canada??? whats up with that?
03:37 monkchips: tom – the new setup is awesome! you look so much better
03:37 Tom Raftery:
03:37 monkchips: no need for american panstick makeup
03:38 monkchips: hello mikethebee
03:38 Roland: Calendar link works fine for me too!
03:38 MikeTheBee: hi mc
03:40 Tom Raftery:
03:40 cgarvey: Re: Canada; Read up on Steve Harper and you’ll see he’s not to far removed from George Bush at all at all.
03:41 monkchips: as i understand it
03:41 MikeTheBee: And we were going to harvest that sea grass for fuel.
03:41 monkchips: coastal syndrome is often reversible
03:41 monkchips: *if* we get well off it.
03:42 Tom Raftery:
03:44 Tom Raftery:
03:44 Tom Raftery:
03:45 MikeTheBee: sarcasm does not become you 🙂
03:46 Tom Raftery:
03:47 Tom Raftery:
03:47 MikeTheBee: You must need it for all your flights
03:48 monkchips: you love it you dirty carbon *****
03:50 Tom Raftery:
03:51 liveireland: me too.. i work in electrical engineering
03:51 MikeTheBee: Can we enhance the smart meter using CurrentCost type controllers
03:51 Tom Raftery:
03:53 Tom Raftery:
03:53 monkchips: i would happily pay directly for that
03:55 monkchips: holy ****
03:55 monkchips: we have to write that up
03:55 Tom Raftery:
03:56 cgarvey: “The WaterBoxx gives them a head start, Hoff explains” .. g’wan The Hoff! Omni-present!
03:57 Tom Raftery:
03:58 PaulMWatson: Good for water treatment and run-off problems too
03:58 Tom Raftery:
03:59 Tom Raftery:
03:59 PaulMWatson: Water usage of vegitecture? Maybe use WaterBox condensation techniques
04:01 SukiFuller: Better late than never – howdy folks!
04:01 PaulMWatson: Could filter greywater through the walls? Like some green-homes
04:02 monkchips: they always overwhelm the sewers too
04:02 monkchips: so you get a LOT of pollution hits
04:02 PaulMWatson: Good point about storm drain problems. e.g. Dublin.
04:02 monkchips: the water supply
04:02 monkchips: thus for example the awesoem progress we made in thames
04:02 monkchips: really threw us back
04:02 Tom Raftery:
04:03 Tom Raftery:
04:05 Tom Raftery:
04:05 MikeTheBee: I’m still seeing people hard cover their gardens when they have the money, rather than using ‘old hat’ lime chippings
04:05 monkchips: where does that monkchips find the time?
04:06 SukiFuller: Who is that monkchips dude?
04:06 MikeTheBee: one cool dude, that guy
04:07 PaulMWatson: @MikeTheBee I’ll bet the builders-rubbish 1 foot down in most Irish gardens doesn’t help either.
04:07 MikeTheBee: Dublin is built on marsh like London is it not?
04:07 SukiFuller: Oh @mikethebee you are such a sucker – he’s a ponce!
04:08 MikeTheBee: <8 04:08 MikeTheBee: good news 04:08 liveireland: great show thanks 04:08 cgarvey: Cheers for the show again Tom 04:08 SukiFuller: BTW - I am going to China next month for 1 year 04:08 monkchips: well done tom 04:08 monkchips: loving the show 04:08 monkchips: and the new room is so much better 04:09 monkchips: 😉 04:09 MikeTheBee: good show, good luck suki, report back via greemonk 04:09 MikeTheBee: cherrs TOm 04:09 SukiFuller: Cheers Tom 04:09 PaulMWatson: Cheers Tom 04:09 SukiFuller: Mike I shall - that monkchips gets all my news first 04:10 Tom Raftery: Thanks everyone for your contributions - made all the difference to the show


June 29th GreenMonk Energy and Sustainability show

Here is the chatstream from yesterday’s Energy & Sustainability show (above) – there were a couple of technical hitches which I have now sorted out and which shouldn’t present problems next week:

03:31 Tom Raftery: Do we have audio & video
03:32 cgarvey: yup, both working
03:34 SukiFuller: I’m gonna be listening but not able to type
03:35 Tom Raftery:
03:37 Tom Raftery:
03:39 Tom Raftery:
03:40 Tom Raftery:
03:43 MikeTheBee: In more ways than one!
03:44 Tom Raftery:
03:45 Doc_Manhattan: Hello Tom great show so far
03:46 Tom Raftery:
03:47 Tom Raftery:
03:49 Doc_Manhattan: too cool on the algae
03:49 Tom Raftery:
03:49 cgarvey: More good news .. .. all the big mobile phone companies have signed up for a common charger standard to start to appear from 2010.
03:51 Tom Raftery:
03:52 Tom Raftery:
03:53 cgarvey: There is an issue with Firefox and comments (I’ll email you separately)
03:54 Tom Raftery:
03:54 MikeTheBee: Comments okay on Mac but not for me *again” on FF win
03:55 Tom Raftery:
03:56 Doc_Manhattan: our group works together as a worldwide team on using a VW to meet so we’re participating!
03:56 MikeTheBee: @cgarvey Me too pls, I thought I had it sussed with cookies previously
03:57 Tom Raftery:
03:58 MikeTheBee: Ah good, mini USB is at least a standard of sorts
03:58 Tom Raftery:
03:59 MikeTheBee: Scotland have no money of their own
04:01 cgarvey: mailing you now on both
04:01 MikeTheBee: @cgarvey Thx
04:01 SukiFuller: I have no technical issues. 🙂 Some great links today, awesome show Tom!
04:02 cgarvey: Thanks again Tom
04:02 MikeTheBee: Ell done again . cheers all.
04:02 Tom Raftery: Thanks everyone for a great show – apols for tech issues
04:14 cgarvey: Just a small correction: the new mobile charger standard is Micro USB, not Mini USB. Pic comparing them: .. WikiPedia article: Info


June 15th GreenMonk Energy & Sustainability show – Face Off!

Last week I wrote a post in response to Dennis Howlett’s ZDNet article questioning the causes of climate change and therefore our reactions to it.

I also mentioned Dennis’ post in last week’s Energy and Sustainability show so Dennis contacted me and asked for an opportunity to come on the show to put forward his point of view. Dennis is an old friend, so of course I said yes.

So yesterday’s Energy and Sustainability show was a Tom vs Dennis face-off on climate change (actually it was a good natured chat with Dennis basically saying he was asking questions because not enough people were being skeptical!).

What do you think?


June 1st GreenMonk Energy and Sustainability show

Had a great show today with plenty of links and feedback from viewers – here is the transcript from the show.

03:31 Tom Raftery: Can anyone see/hear me?
03:31 cgarvey: A/V all good
03:31 mikethebee: Vid and auio ok
03:32 mikethebee: my typing rubbish
03:33 Tom Raftery:
03:35 Tom Raftery:
03:37 Tom Raftery:
03:38 Tom Raftery:
03:39 Tom Raftery:
03:40 Tom Raftery:
03:42 Tom Raftery:
03:44 Tom Raftery:
03:46 Tom Raftery:
03:48 Tom Raftery:
03:49 Al: Bit of a joke though
03:49 Tom Raftery:
03:51 Al: Energy star rating
03:51 Al: For servers
03:52 Al: The power we consume on our servers is less than the tolerance on their specs
03:52 Tom Raftery:
03:53 Al: Except in this case our servers would not be
03:54 Al: compliant that is
03:54 Al: They should ahve been much more agressive
03:54 Al: Just like carbon targets
03:55 dahowlett: aaah…stream here as well
03:55 Tom Raftery:
03:56 dahowlett: I was over the other place
03:56 dahowlett: yes – I was over on the Ustream thingy
03:56 Tom Raftery:
03:59 Tom Raftery:
04:01 Tom Raftery:
04:04 Al: Its the carbon police
04:04 Al: Their coming to get you
04:04 mikethebee: Gr8 feature on BBC R4 Farming today about Thanet Earth. First time I had heard of it.
04:04 dahowlett: the fire is under your desk
04:05 dahowlett: in themeantime…it’s time to go sunbathing
04:05 cgarvey: All good Tom, thanks again for the informative show!
04:05 dahowlett: nice one Tom
04:05 Al: Thanks Tom
04:05 Tom Raftery: Thanks everyone for joining in and contributions
04:05 Tom Raftery: Great show see you all here next week!
04:05 mikethebee: well done again
04:06 Al: Maybe using Google’s wave would be a nice addition
04:06 Tom Raftery: I’d love a Google Wave account
04:06 Tom Raftery: There is only a v limited release of accounts afaik yet
04:07 Al: Maybe you have to attend a European Google I/O
04:07 Tom Raftery: Probably – and can’t make a case for going to it 🙁
04:08 Al: Cheers Tom l8r


May 25th GreenMonk Energy and Sustainability show

Above is the video from today’s GreenMonk Energy and Sustainability show and below is the chat-stream from the show:

04:31 Tom Raftery: Can you see/hear me?
04:32 Jason Roe: yea
04:32 abby: both audible and visible, tom!
04:33 TolkienLibrary: back – o started – nice
04:34 Tom Raftery:
04:36 Tom Raftery:
04:38 Tom Raftery:
04:38 TolkienLibrary: well if you look who he works for… then i understand his point of view (the bastards)
04:39 Jason Roe: could be getting old too 😛 bit grumpy etc..
04:40 Tom Raftery:
04:41 mikethebee: This was discussed on RTE Pat Kenny today
04:41 TolkienLibrary: o nasty! guess US and Asia got some cleaning up to do
04:42 Tom Raftery:
04:44 Tom Raftery:
04:46 Tom Raftery:
04:46 TolkienLibrary: US voted for CHANGE now they got OBAMA LIGHT (typical American I guess)
04:48 Tom Raftery:
04:50 Tom Raftery:
04:53 Tom Raftery:
04:55 TolkienLibrary: yes saw that earlier today. Loved some of those ideas. The balloon idea would be nice // always people complaining about the sight
04:56 TolkienLibrary: sounds great…
04:56 Tom Raftery:
04:57 mikethebee: Do you know what types C&F in Irleand are intending to produce after recent annoucement?
04:59 Tom Raftery:
05:00 mikethebee: C&F (If I recall correctly) a wind turbine producer announced a major ramp up of production. Anyone know more?
05:03 TolkienLibrary: what do you think of solar panels in orbit announced by Solaren?
05:06 mikethebee: I hadn’t heard of them til then, I wil research it more thx
05:06 TolkienLibrary: thanks for your opinion… also think it very expensive and ‘un-green’ to shoot solar panels up // they should concentrate on solar panels down here first
05:07 Tom Raftery: Thanks everyone for joining in and your contributions
05:07 TolkienLibrary: thnxs once again Tom… great show!
05:07 mikethebee: Thx Tom, gr8 show and content.
05:08 mikethebee: I always lose the last few seconds of the show for some reason.


May 4th GreenMonk Energy & Sustainability show

Today’s GreenMonk Energy and Sustainability show was quieter than normal due to it being a bank holiday in both Ireland and the UK, however, we still had a total of 24 viewers according to Ustream!

I also rolled out a new Yshout chat application on the new GreenMonkTV page – this means I won’t be tied to Ustream as a video platform for the show and will be able to move to other providers as I find them.

Here is the chatstream from today’s show:

04:30 Tom Raftery: Hi everyone!
04:31 Tom Raftery: Anyone see or hear me?
04:33 TolkienLibrary: is workign fine
04:33 Tom Raftery: Is the chat appearing for people?
04:34 TolkienLibrary: i’m on safari 3 on apple
04:38 TolkienLibrary: don’t see the link… did you post it here?
04:39 Tom Raftery:
04:39 TolkienLibrary: ok cool see it now
04:39 Tom Raftery:
04:41 Tom Raftery:
04:42 mikeTheBee: testing from Safari/Mac
04:43 TolkienLibrary: long live the mac!
04:43 mikeTheBee: Ah, works on Mac not on FF3.0.10 on XP
04:44 mikeTheBee: or LCD paper?
04:45 mikeTheBee: And they interfere with IR remote controls while warming up
04:45 mikeTheBee: or is it OLED paper?
04:46 Tom Raftery:
04:46 mikeTheBee: lol
04:47 mikeTheBee: Who else is watching?
04:47 TolkienLibrary: Insanity!
04:48 Tom Raftery:
04:52 mikeTheBee: It is a sun thing
04:52 mikeTheBee: But Veg is Better in Spain?
04:52 Tom Raftery:
04:54 Tom Raftery:
04:57 TolkienLibrary: taking siesta probably
04:58 mikeTheBee: Another sun thing 🙁
04:58 Tom Raftery:
04:59 cgarvey: Would love to see a virtual tour of the Abengoa, if they do respond!
05:00 Tom Raftery:
05:02 TolkienLibrary: windmills on the chinese wall… the longest eco piece of art in the world!
05:03 Tom Raftery:
05:04 Tom Raftery:
05:05 mikeTheBee: There is a video on the website rather poor though, Tom would do much better!
05:07 cgarvey: thanks for the show Tom
05:08 TolkienLibrary:
05:08 cgarvey: chat issue was cookies-related .. you need Cookies enabled to take part
05:08 TolkienLibrary: did you read about the google goats?
05:08 mikeTheBee: Thx Tom gr8 info as always
05:08 Tom Raftery: Any more comments/stories/links?
05:10 Tom Raftery: and for all the great comments, info and links
05:10 mikeTheBeeXP: Thx CG for sussing it.
05:10 Tom Raftery: Thanks everyone for coming along
05:10 mikeTheBeeXP: Voila
05:10 TolkienLibrary: thnxs Tom… good show once again!
05:10 mikeTheBeeXP: Test from XP with cookies
05:17 mikeTheBeeXP: I miss seeing who else is online though.
05:18 Energy4America: Actually, here in the Bay Area “letting weeds grow” is a bad idea, goats or no. No water thru summer, invasive species, etc. But can plant natives for low water landscape.
05:19 Energy4America: Glad I was up early enough to catch the show!


April 27th GreenMonk Energy & Sustainability show

I embedded today’s show live on on a new page on the site. Moving people to this page will allow me to change the back-end without inconveniencing people, however, it doesn’t appear to be possible for people to login to the chat on this page with their Ustream accounts so instead viewers were labelled “ustreamer-64326” and similar. Those who went to the show’s original Ustream page had no such issues. Need to see if i can fix that!

Had a rich link laden show today!

Here is the chat-stream from the show:
16:31 TomRaftery: Ok, can everyone see & hear me ok?
16:32 TomRaftery: Hello?
16:32 ustreamer-9456: Hello !
16:32 ustreamer-9456: I see you
16:32 TomRaftery: Anyone seeing or hearing me?
16:33 ustreamer-9456: see and hear this is Tish I see 6 others online/
16:33 ustreamer-2665: i got both. yes goiod
16:33 ustreamer-2665: yes
16:34 ustreamer-9456: How do we get a log in with our names?
16:35 TomRaftery:
16:36 TomRaftery:
16:37 TomRaftery:
16:38 ustreamer-9456: just loged in to Ustream to get my name I hope
16:38 Suki_Fuller: Howdy all – on a conf call but no way gonna miss the show
16:39 TolkienLibrary: Hi there all greenmonktv followers!
16:39 TomRaftery:
16:41 TomRaftery:$1290184.htm
16:43 TomRaftery:
16:44 TomRaftery:
16:45 ustreamer-7847: Primefuson here, finally. Best to all.
16:46 TomRaftery:
16:46 TomRaftery:
16:49 TomRaftery:
16:50 yellowpark: wow, ustream’s new design chages really suck
16:50 TomRaftery:
16:51 TomRaftery:
16:52 TomRaftery:
16:53 ustreamer-2582: Hi Tom, Diarmuid from Cork here. What do you think of the ESB announcment about smart grids .
16:53 TomRaftery:
16:55 ustreamer-2582: cheers
16:55 TomRaftery:
16:56 TomRaftery:;title
16:59 TomRaftery:
17:00 TomRaftery:
17:03 TomRaftery:
17:03 TolkienLibrary: thnxs G Bush… glad I can say this one time in my life
17:03 TomRaftery:
17:06 yellowpark: yes, all the shows were recorded
17:06 yellowpark: cheers tom
17:06 yellowpark: one sec
17:06 Suki_Fuller: I was looking for a sponsor to fly me home to attend!
17:06 yellowpark: just grabbing them
17:07 TomRaftery:
17:07 yellowpark: won’t let me post it
17:10 yellowpark:
17:10 yellowpark: i cheated
17:10 ustreamer-5464: How much Have I missed
17:10 yellowpark: so you can link to the homecamp videos here
17:10 ustreamer-5464: Oops I’ll watch the recorded vs
17:11 TishShute: thanks Tom great show!
17:11 TolkienLibrary: thanks Tom… very interesting once again… nice way to close my working day!
17:11 Suki_Fuller: As always I learned bunches even though I couldn’t participate with interaction today. Awesome Tom!
17:11 TomRaftery: Thanks everyone for your time, attention & interest
17:11 yellowpark: bye
17:12 joegarde: cheers tom got here late too


April 20th GreenMonk Energy and Sustainability show

Check out the video above of today’s GreenMonk Energy and Sustainability show along with chat stream below:

04:30 TomRaftery : Hi all – kicking off the show in a min
04:30 mikeTheBee : Hello Tom.
04:30 ustreamer-40756 : Hiya
04:31 mikeTheBee : Could ustreamers note their names if poss.
04:31 TomRaftery : Audio & video ok?
04:31 mikeTheBee : Not yet for me
04:32 mikeTheBee : Okay
04:32 mikeTheBee : 6 viewers
04:32 Suki_Fuller : Hello all.
04:33 TomRaftery :
04:34 mikeTheBee : 7 viewers
04:35 TomRaftery :
04:35 mikeTheBee : 9 viewers
04:35 mikeTheBee : 11 viewers
04:36 ustreamer-19973 : how do we set out names?
04:36 mikeTheBee : Just a comment will work, or login for name
04:36 ustreamer-19973 : THanks i get it
04:36 TomRaftery :
04:37 monkchips : does the debate now move from Sustainability to Survivability?
04:37 ustreamer-19973 : 19973: Chris Phillips (Will create an account later(
04:37 monkchips : massive implications for which species we protect and so on
04:37 TolkienLibrary-2627 : you can type /nick and a nickname
04:37 monkchips : what the shit? whoa….
04:39 TomRaftery :
04:39 mikeTheBee : 10 viewers
04:39 monkchips : tom- what are the sustainability implications of Oracle acquiring Sun – or is that just too much of a stretch
04:40 monkchips : sun v positive on green.
04:40 monkchips : has done a lot of good work
04:40 monkchips : some nice low power techniques
04:41 TomRaftery :
04:41 TomRaftery :
04:42 mikeTheBee : 13 viewers
04:43 TomRaftery :
04:43 ustreamer-549 : ?
04:43 Suki_Fuller : Internationally also?
04:44 cminion-7005 : We they should have learnt that from history, if you look at how hte national grid came about
04:44 mikthebee-nametest : .
04:44 Suki_Fuller : Awesome.
04:45 TomRaftery :
04:45 mikeTheBee : Good tip re /nick TolkienLibrary, thx
04:45 monkchips : a lot of the good environmental news comes from China. that top down thing can be bloody useful in sustainability
04:45 TomRaftery :
04:46 mikeTheBee : Ought to work for the EU too!
04:47 TomRaftery :
04:48 monkchips : those fucking fucks. that is corporatism at best, fascism at worst
04:48 Suki_Fuller : That makes people in my profession look bad.
04:49 TomRaftery :
04:49 Suki_Fuller : *Shame*
04:49 monkchips : UK police share info with the “department for business, enterprise and regulatory reform”#
04:49 monkchips : which then shares it with a French company, with a huge French government shareholding
04:50 monkchips : to establish coherent PR story etc
04:51 Suki_Fuller : @monkchip – Exactly – bite the nose to spite the face
04:51 ustreamer-73483 : hi folks
04:51 TomRaftery :
04:52 mikeTheBee : 14 Viewers
04:53 ustreamer-73483 : the irish sea?
04:53 ustreamer-73483 : jesus
04:53 monkchips : its easier to catch the fish when they glow in the dark…
04:53 ustreamer-73483 : justin
04:53 Suki_Fuller : lol
04:53 Suki_Fuller : not right James not right
04:53 ustreamer-73483 : what fish?
04:53 TomRaftery :
04:53 mikeTheBee : Sellafield processing rather storage surely.
04:55 JustinParks : long term investment?
04:55 monkchips : i think its goodness
04:55 TomRaftery :
04:55 monkchips : research has shown
04:56 monkchips : that small areas, kept clear, can significantly increase biodiversity
04:56 cminion-7005 : less food transported, less petrol required to drive people around???
04:56 monkchips : @tomraftery – its just the Ryanair model for the globe. pay at the point of excretion
04:56 mikeTheBee : Ah Ryan Air per Kg charing
04:57 JustinParks : Im not going to mention the Cow emissions in congunction with fat folk
04:57 Suki_Fuller : The only people that get upset are fat
04:57 monkchips : more likely to drive? nah – the morbidly obese have those nice
04:57 monkchips : little electric cars….
04:57 JustinParks : better…
04:57 TomRaftery :
04:58 JustinParks : I saw a documentry on this
04:58 JustinParks : paid to farm nothing
04:59 TolkienLibrary-2627 : good concept
04:59 TolkienLibrary-2627 : viva Costa Rica…
04:59 Suki_Fuller : Coolio
04:59 TolkienLibrary-2627 : and Borneo
05:00 TomRaftery :
05:00 JustinParks : Here Tom:
05:00 monkchips : gotta run! client call. thanks Tom. great show as ever
05:01 mikeTheBee : Did you hear? Siemans comment re Dublin’s Carbon Footprint being bigger than Londons, per capita.
05:01 JustinParks : did you check
05:02 TolkienLibrary-2627 : now following you at twitter… this was great! thnxs
05:02 JustinParks : yeah goodo so very environmental orientated site
05:03 JustinParks : that could be fun
05:03 mikeTheBee : Thx all
05:03 Suki_Fuller : Wow. Great articles today & as always awesome show
05:03 JustinParks : spammers contribution to climate change
05:03 TomRaftery : Thanks everyone for a great show
05:03 mikeTheBee : Thx Tom
05:03 JustinParks : thnaks Tom
05:03 JustinParks : lluegoi
05:03 Suki_Fuller : Thanks Tom
05:03 TomRaftery : Justin – you are right – forgot to mention the spam carbon footprint story – d’oh!
05:04 TolkienLibrary-1882 : thnxs Tom
05:04 TomRaftery : Thanks for the kind words Suki
05:04 JustinParks : lolo seriously?
05:05 TomRaftery : I’ll get link – one sec
05:05 JustinParks : I was “kindof” takin the mick… out of spammers
05:05 JustinParks : but I suppose its very true
05:05 cgarvey : sorry, missed it.. will catch the recording hopefully!
05:06 TolkienLibrary-1882 : don’t know who tweeted about this show, but came in by twitter…
05:06 TolkienLibrary-1882 : loved the articles…
05:06 TomRaftery :–633
05:07 TomRaftery : TolkienLibrary – great, thanks for joining in
05:07 TomRaftery : This time every Monday
05:07 TomRaftery : cgarvey – I’ll have the recording up shortly on
05:07 TolkienLibrary-1882 : so spam not only bad for my productivity it seems!
05:07 JustinParks : thanks, pleasure Tom, gotta run
05:08 TomRaftery : TolkienLibrary, exactly
05:08 TolkienLibrary-1882 : what would be the impact of twitter on the environment?
05:09 TomRaftery : Significant too I suspect but it can be a force for good – I use it to disseminate stories
05:09 ustreamer-35467 : Tom sorry Joe and I missed you today, Cheers Mark (Charmer)…
05:09 TomRaftery : np Mark – will have recording on GreenMonk later today
05:11 TolkienLibrary-1882 : whenever you ask a question, the answer is already somewhere on the internet: