June 15th GreenMonk Energy & Sustainability show – Face Off!

Last week I wrote a post in response to Dennis Howlett’s ZDNet article questioning the causes of climate change and therefore our reactions to it.

I also mentioned Dennis’ post in last week’s Energy and Sustainability show so Dennis contacted me and asked for an opportunity to come on the show to put forward his point of view. Dennis is an old friend, so of course I said yes.

So yesterday’s Energy and Sustainability show was a Tom vs Dennis face-off on climate change (actually it was a good natured chat with Dennis basically saying he was asking questions because not enough people were being skeptical!).

What do you think?


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    I just want to say that is very important for all the people in this world that we need to start to think about renewable energy sources to try to stop the climate changes unfortunatly many people are skeptical about those climate changes made by carbon emissions or pollution.

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    This was a classic discussion. Thanks to both of you for putting an hour into this. I’m one of those firmly on the “climate change caused by humans” side, but I do find that a sloppiness of thinking can ensue on almost any topic if serious dialogue with skeptical viewpoints is not reckoned with consistently. A key point from Dennis, in my view, is that IT departments cannot afford to make hype-based decisions about anything, including “Green” projects. Thanks for providing such a stimulating discussion for us on this. An hour into it I was still getting things out of the banter.

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    Has anyone watched this, either live or recorded? Why is there no mention at all of Dennis hardly being audible except through Tom’s speakers and microphone! 🙂

    I’d like to give you my 2 cents: The Great Global Warming Swindle ( comes across to me as less emotionally charged and more plausible than Al Gore’s speech. I know that there have been some participants that have expressed some regret about how they were represented; however this argument to me is far from powerful enough to debunk the overall message.

    Please allow me to bring another source of data into the discussion. If it’s true, as TGGWS postulates, that the Sun is mostly responsible for the climate change on Earth, then logically the Earth wouldn’t be the only planet in the solar system that’s affected by this.

    I would like to bring David Wilcock to your attention. I find him to be a controversial yet very interesting researcher on ‘big picture’ topics including consciousness science and the possibility of a fundamental cultural shift around the end of 2012. His website is, which includes a number of free books which I’ve read with great interest:

    According to his research, it is indeed true that recent solar activity is creating changes on all the planets in our solar system, not just Earth. This at times rather spectacular data can be found at NASA; he says they are not giving it the attention it deserves.

    Here is a short piece of his interview with about this:

    And here is the article he’s written about “Interplanetary Climate Change”:

    I realize that this may come across as a ‘fringe’ way of looking at the subject, especially because of the esoteric connotations surrounding 2012. Still, I think that we shouldn’t shy away from it for that reason; I feel there is a very interesting common ground to be found by expanding the scope of the discussion like this. I’d love to hear what you guys think.


    Steve Crosswick (@kruithoph)