Electricity 2.0 talk at ETech

I gave a talk at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference (ETech) in San Jose earlier this year. The title of the talk was Electricity 2.0 – applying the lessons of the Internet to our Energy networks. I uploaded my slides to SlideShare shortly after the talk and yesterday I was contacted by the O’Reilly team to let me know the video of my presentation was online so here you go.

It is similar to other Electricity 2.0 talks I have given with a few updates and new slides. Enjoy!


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    > 95% are interested in receiving detailed information on their energy use

    Yeap, but, how many of them would pay for it?
    To change the meter and to introduce an IT system that can monitorize your consumption isn’t free.

    And don’t expect Utility will do. Maybe the meter, in order to have the energy consumption continously up to date.

    I think the cost of deploying this kind of technology is one of the big problems to solve.

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    Hi Tom, really enjoy your work. In the talk you make reference to, I think, ‘exotic storage solutions’. I’m just wondering if you have come across the ‘Spirit of Ireland’ group and their proposals for pumped seawater storage in the west of Ireland and, if you have, would you believe that their proposals are workable?

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      I have had the briefest of looks at the Spirit of Ireland ideas and they seem very ambitious. The Turlough Hill pumped hydro station ws built between 1968-73 at a cost then of £20m and stores 280mWh.

      To store excess from wind today you’d need 8x what Turlough Hill can store. This would cost billions and take years to get through the planning stages at all. However, if they can pull it off, fair dues to them!

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    I just switched the video embed to a copy on YouTube – it should work better now.

    If you are still having problems let me know.