GreenMonk talks to Vint Cerf about is the not-for-profit arm of Internet search company Google.

After hearing about some of their initiatives, I was curious to learn more about I contacted my friend Vint Cerf, Google Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist and asked him if he’d come on the show to talk about and Google’s sustainability projects.

Vint very graciously agreed to and so we have this video. Thanks Vint.


  1. says

    Give consumers the information to make better decisions around energy and they will self-edit as you suggest…

    The only thing that could get in the way of this Utopia is ‘the bloody market’. Even as we speak, the UK is heading to a model where each electricity companies will install its own proprietory domestic monitoring systems…creating a massive disincentive to switch suppliers and enormous potential for abusive dynamic pricing…

    Bad choice architecture!

    On the question of useful things for Google to do, I really want to see them join up with SAP to construct an effective accountability system for global resource management. Start by using googleearth to track resource allocation and depletion…