What services does GreenMonk offer?

Tom Raftery speaking at Web 2.0 Expo

A couple of people have been asking me recently what services GreenMonk offers, so I thought it might be a good idea to put some of them down in a blog post so Google knows what they are and so I can link to them when anyone asks in the future.

Advisory Services:

GreenMonk helps client companies with advice on

  • Message testing- helping to bulletproof marketing campaigns, before launch activities.
  • Product strategy and advisory – we can suggest enhancement and product directions based on trends in business sustainability.
  • We will also suggest alliances or partnerships that can enhance your product offerings or increase distribution channels and sales.
  • We will also undertake to ensure executives are aware of significant industry news, trends and events that will impact current and planned business models.

Video Services

Video is a medium which is becoming ever more popular, particularly in the post-pc age. GreenMonk videos are kept brief and to-the-point to maximise impact and reach. Also, to increase find-ability, GreenMonk TV videos are transcribed and the text is published alongside the video.

The GreenMonk TV YouTube channel, with over 150 uploaded videos and in excess of 78,000 views, drives traffic to GreenMonk’s clients. Clients are free to use video purchased in any format/media on any web property, or even offline.

GreenMonk –

  • Helps with content creation for marketing/messaging purposes
  • Showcases executive thought leadership on niche/emerging topics
  • Highlights customer success stories using trusted third party, customer interviews and
  • Documents new products/services

Blog Based Research:

One of GreenMonk’s primary publishing vehicles is the GreenMonk blog. Blog content benefits customers in the following ways:

  • The analysis can be more timely than traditional analyst reports
  • The analysis is freely available to anyone; line of business, IT staff, students, etc. at no cost
  • The analysis is given high ranking by Google, making it easily discoverable
  • The analysis can be further supplemented by comments and contributions from parties external to GreenMonk, thus enhancing its value
  • The two way nature of blogs allows for RedMonk to serve as an early warning system for potential issues with products and services and
  • The blog can also be used to re-publish video and podcasts, recorded separately furthering their reach

Twitter Based Research:

GreenMonk makes extensive use of Twitter as a research tool as well. Twitter benefits our clients in the following ways:

  • Twitter posts are immediate so it is possible to see/track stories rapidly
  • Breadth of accounts we follow means there is unlikely to be a related story or trend we are unaware of
  • Our extensive followership and many years experience of the Twitter platform means we can disperse a message quickly and effectively
  • Twitter can be used as a testing ground for messaging as well as a driver of traffic to web resources
  • The conversational nature of Twitter means that posts are often commented on (replied to) adding to their value and
  • Twitter posts are freely available to anyone; line of business, IT staff, students, etc. at no cost

Consulting Services:

GreenMonk analysts will be available to answer questions concerning competitive positioning, understanding the wider market context and providing dedicated research and information regarding emerging trends and competition.

These analyst-hours can also be applied to custom research projects, advisory and speaking engagements.

Press Availability:

GreenMonk will take the time required to understand your products, announcements, and initiatives. When questioned by members of the media, we will be ready with accurate and up-to- date information on your products, announcements and initiatives.

Image credit Tom Raftery