SAP’s Environmental Health and Safety Management solution

In the third part of my interview with SAP’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Peter Graf, we discuss SAP’s Environmental Health and Safety Management solution.

Why is this important? Several reasons:
– employee health and safety,
– compliance with constantly changing EHS regulations (REACH, and WEEE for example),
– increasing importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and from SAP’s perspective,
– annual investment in EHS solutions between 2008 and 2010 is expected to reach $80bn.

Sustainability isn’t just about carbon footprints – it is great to see SAP helping its large customer base be better corporate citizens.


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    when you talk to SAP next time, could you ask about what they plans are re Energy /carbon accounting in their non-vertical solution? They have so many systems that only need tweaked / extended to allow for capture of energy or carbon impact: E.g. travel&expenses system for employee travel, logistics for company fleet movements, asset register capture buildings and vehicle efficiency, finance as the general accounting system. Add something like AMEE functionality and SAP makes the positive same impact on environment as it did on corporate budgets in 90s.

    WHy don’t they work on something like this and just re-hashing the health&safety solution?

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    Hello Jiri,

    you’re absolutely right: SAP feels its very well positioned to enrich existing business processes with capabilities that help businesses holistically manage economic, environmental and social aspects. However, when we started to publicly talk about our sustainability strategy we wanted to make sure it’s grounded in existing solutions like SAP EHS Management that address some of the most urgent issues (like REACH compliance, for example) today. Obviously, there is much more in our product pipeline and will talk about those planned solutions soon. If Tom agrees, we might even do another pod cast then …

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    thanks a million for stopping by and leaving the tantalising comment 😉

    I’d love to do another podcast with you to talk about those announcements – just give me some advance warning and I’ll be there armed with my camera and tripod!