George Lee keynotes the it@cork Green IT conference

RTE economics correspondent George Lee gave the opening keynote presentation at the 2008 it@cork conference – Green IT: Reduce CO2, Raise profits.

He gave an excellent presentation, showing off first his Segway (a personal electric transport device) and explaining his reasons for bringing it to the event. He then went on to give a superb talk diving deep into the numbers around the coming energy crisis, climate change and how they dwarf the current financial crisis their importance for the planet!

If you want to skip the Segway rant and get into the energy and carbon emissions data, skip forward to 16:50.

Great to hear from an economist who puts the long-term good of the planet before a short-term financial view!

[Disclaimer: GreenMonk were a media sponsor of the it@cork Green IT conference]


  1. says

    Excellent presentation. George can be seen as a bit of a doom and gloom merchant, but in reality he’s simply raising awareness of serious issues we currently face and even bigger ones down the line. Good to see him focusing on the positive, in that there is huge potential for innovation and financial stability to be gained from addressing our challlenges.

    Oh, and the Segway makes a great segway 🙂