Go Green: Shave Costs


20% reduction represents a mighty close shave. reports that Mark Blowers, senior research analyst at Butler Group, claims significant cost savings can be achieved by going green in a report entitled Sustainable IT Provision – Meeting the Challenge of Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility. I like the sound of it – it evidently goes beyond just green data center thinking.

“Radical solutions such as designing software to consume less processor cycles and using hardware that does not require a power-hungry AC-DC conversion should be standard practice, the report says.”

Amen, Mark. In other shaving news this week, Computerworld reports that HP is apparently on a mission to reduce emissions: aiming for 25% better efficiency in its PCs and laptops within 2 years.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, HP said that to reach its goal it would cut energy usage by integrating power saving technologies and processes, including more efficient power supplies and lower-energy chipsets. The company plans on making the changes across its entire PC line.

Well done HP.


picture courtesy of scottfeldstein on Flickr, creative commons Attribution 2.0 license.