Come Give Me A Hugg

One of the central interests of Greenmonk is the use of social software to change behaviours and potentially improve information flows, so I was very interested when I came across Hugg, “It’s Digg for Green” (via Kurtz).

For those of you that don’t know Digg is a web service that allows users to dictate the news agenda. The stories they rank as interesting are the ones that float to the top. Of course Digg can be “gamed” – and communities can work together to improve the ranking of particular links and stories. But its still an interesting application of grassroots up information choices.

Now Hugg, recently acquired by TreeHugger, offers the same thing for green content.

I was never much of a Digger but I plan to be a Hugger. It would be cool if you also signed up – and perhaps even Dugg the odd GreenZone story – there are some good ones here.


  1. says

    Great to see this highlighted and I’m glad to see it’s finally building up some more users. Not sure it was acquired by TreeHugger (I think they built it in-house, though I could be wrong) though TreeHugger itself was recently acquired by Discovery.