The Daily Dump: Great Idea, Slightly Dodgy Name

Kris yesterday pointed to the DailyDump, an Indian startup trying to encourage composting. I like the way its setting out to mix high and low tech, taking advantage of Indian labour costs to get networked things done.

“Composting pots and vessels made of biodegradable terracotta in a variety of shapes and sizes can be purchased on the website, which features a guide to help customers choose which is right for their needs. Rakes, spoons, spatulas and other supplies are also available. The website offers extensive information and tips, such as what items can and can’t compost. Consumers who lack the time or desire to care for their composting pot can select a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service plan, with a Daily Dump ‘servicewalla’ dropping by to take care of maintenance: cleaning pots, adding dry leaves and stirring the compost. Those who don’t mind doing their own maintenance can opt out of the service plan and call Daily Dump when they have an issue that needs to be addressed by a professional.”

That’s the charm- a website and a “servicewalla”… We’re going to see some really interesting business models come out ofIndia, that’s for sure.  Sadly I can’t find the link to that story about dabbawallahs. You don’t have to automate everything for efficiency, just the right things.

We’re lucky enough in Hackney that the council’s recycling service runs to compost as well, so we already have a council-taz supported compostwalla. But private, rootsy, solutions to public problems are always interesting. For a bonus link WorldChanging has the story too.

I wonder what an open source water improvement project could learn from the business model, given WorldChanging also points out:

“They also encourage the development of micro-enterprise by training young people in compost pot design, composting and service.”